Monday, September 17, 2007

Multiple Blog Dilemma

I am sure that most of you would have faced this dilemma.. Whether to have one common blog where you blog about everything under the sun with topics as diverse as family to as geeky as compiling a linux kernel [OR] to have multiple blog domains which each blog domain for very specific topics, for example, a blog specifically for family updates and an other for updates on linux.

At least I have been having this dilemma ever since I started blogging. I have close to 5 different blogger accounts and not to mention the mirrored ones in wordpress.

Off late, I had created one more blog account which I intend to use only for updates on technology. These updates will have a professional tone.

This new blog is called Digitally Smart. I intend to run this blog with a means of generating income for me. I love blogging about technology and would like to pursue this as an alternate career to start with and if the situation is favorable, I might do it full time as well.

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