Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blackberry Storm - My thoughts

I had been waiting to publish this post on Storm ever since its user guide had leaked on the net and lots of post started appearing on in the blogosphere. And now news is out that Verizon Wireless is launching it.

I think, the phone looks amazing and I have seen the video of the Storm in action (look at the video at the end of this post) and its impressive.

My personal take is, Verizon+Storm is going to be more successful at the enterprise level (and that really matters) because of Blackberry's reputation and acceptance in businesses across the world. I think many agree with me.

One of the biggest concerns with using smart phones (which are naturally glued with a camera - phone manufacturers never care about folks who don't need a camera) nowadays is that we need to carry them to our offices and camera phones a big NO NO. But what I came to know from one of the person in my office (not very sure if thats true) is that the camera on the Storm (and other blackberry devices) can be controlled from a central location. Wow!.. organizations are going to be OK with that and i am double OK with that too. I can't do that with iPhone today.

Talking about Storm and iPhone, here is an article comparing both.

And on an separate note, it seems that Blackberry is also launching an AppStore.. heard of app store some where.. :).. thats what everyone is launching nowadays.. Apple iPhone, Google Android, et al.

Alright, enjoy the video..

Update: Oct 29, 2008
Check out this post in GigaOM - Why BlackBerry Storm Is An iPhone (and G-1) Killer. Reiterates my thoughts.

How many of you know about Knol (Google's Wikipedia)?

I knew about this site many months back. In spite of this being a Google site/service, it never was compelling enough to be remembered/revisited.

You can check - Introduction to Knol - to know more about it.

Interesting Read - Similarities of current economic crisis to the crisis of 1870s

I found this article an interesting read (The Real Great Depression).

Though many claim that the current economic crisis is the biggest one after The Great Depression of 1929, most of us mistake the current economic scenario to be same as The Great Depression (that includes me - or maybe just me :)).

Then I came across this article which explains this misunderstanding and also gives some interesting insight on an other great crisis of the 1870s which in many ways, as the article proves, is similar to the existing one.

I found this article interesting. What is also interesting is the point that author makes about the shift in economic power from Europe to America (eventually leading it to its current state) and also hints that the same might happen again and that the power may shift to countries like India and China ;).

Isn't everything coming together.. what say.. Abdul Kalam and other great minds in the recent past claimed that India would become a superpower in the next 20-30 years. That would be great.. isn't it ;)...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to get information on Hardware, Software, Driver versions, environment variable and other useful information about your Windows PC?

Its very simple.. from [windows]+R (Run - Utility), start the application "msinfo32".

Msinfo32 gives you every bit of information about your PC in this one place.

I used it for getting driver version of the Nvdia graphics chipset on my HP Pavilion Notebook.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nokia's answer to iPhone - Tube

I am happy to see the detailed video review of Nokia's Tube (5800 XpressMusic) in Engadget.

Like everyone, i have been a loyal Nokia fan for years and off late, my skepticism on Nokia's smartphones was also clarified after I bought a Nokia E61. My E61 has been the best phone ever I had got till date. And Symbian s60 is the best OS ever.

Looking at the videos, I am sure Nokia's Tube will be a huge success, if not for touchscreen, but at least for the features packed in it and for usability sake.

You may refer to this link to read through the specifications of this phone.

Gmail's New Feature - Sounded like a April Fool prank

This new feature from Google called Mail Goggles apparently will ask you solve math questions before letting you send an email.

Read Google's blog post to know more.

I read lot of other blogs to confirm if this was some kindof a joke. But since every believes (some think its very cool) that its a new feature.. I've started believing too.. :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nintendo DSi Video - With dual camera

If you are a hardcore gamer, then you may already know by now that Nintendo has released its next generation handheld gaming console - Nintendo DSi

This one looks just the DS physically, but with dual cameras. Engadget claims that it is much slimmer than the previous one.

You may find the review of DSi in the below links interesting. Below that is a video of DSi featuring some capabilities of the kind of games that it was host and its touch screen functionality.


I also found this side-by-side comparison of PSP, DSi and iPhone hardware specs interesting.

PS: One a total unrelated and stupid note from me, I dont know why they add a post fix "i" when they add a camera to the existing model - DS => DSi. The same happened with Nokia E61i (which is same as Nokia E61, the one that I have currently, but with a added camera).