Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hello, World!

Again, I am posting here after a very very very long time. Nowadays, posting has become more of Hello.. Hi There.. Posting after a long time and stuff like that.. :)

The fact is, the work has multiplied multiple times. But that should never be an excuse.


Btw, one of the reasons i see for hesitating to post something in my blog is my laziness to go all the way to my blog service provider and then login and then writing a post. So i decided to explore ways in which I can post easily. As I can see, I see two options: one, to use ScribeFire addon from Firefox (posting this from ScribeFire) and the other option is a Blogthis extension in Chrome (which i haven't explored yet).

Hoping to post more of my thoughts in here. I've also thought of what I would be posting next in this blog. I am planning to post my experience trying to run Moblin 2.0 inside Windows Vista using VirtualBox virtual machine.

Until then, bye..