Monday, October 16, 2006

Classical Resume

Syed Mohasin Zaki
No 775 (Old No. 420), Poonamalee High Road, Arumbakkam, Chennai – 600 106.
Home: (044) – 65142100 Mobile: (91) – 9840990288 Email: mohasin-dot-zaki-at-gmail-dot-com

Professional Summary:

  • Have over 9 years & 10 months of total IT experience in software design, development, testing and project management. Current designation and functional role - “Senior Project Manager”.
  • Currently leading a team of 40, which is involved in developing next generation Multi-Screen delivery of content through Set Top Boxes and Internet Connect devices.
  • Have -depth knowledge of Video Services (traditional broadcast, IPTV, Over-The-Top-Video and hybrid solutions)
  • Have worked extensively on Embedded Systems and Telecom based projects.
  • Experienced in firmware development, Windows drivers, Windows programming, RTOS based drivers, RTOS based applications, Storage Network Devices, Consumer electronic and Network Switches.


  • Problem Solving and Designing
  • Excellent Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Ability to develop a very good rapport with the Customer/Client

  • Bachelor of Engineering - Instrumentation and Control
    University of Madras, Chennai – Year 2000
  • PMI Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Mohasin's Personal Profile

I am from Chennai, TamilNadu, India. I work for a big telco based out of USA and which has its office here at Chennai. I lead a team here. I have a passion for technology, consumer products and opensource. I am married to cute lady who is also a software engineer. We are blessed with two boys :).

More about me here..
[Last Updated: June 21st, 2010]

About Me

Hi There!! My name is Mohasin and hope you enjoyed reading my blog. You probably ended up here either because you liked my blog or you did not. Either ways leave a word in the comments below.

So what do I blog about... Well, when I started this blog I had no theme or topic in mind. I thought let my thoughts decide what I really want to write. I am still in this journey of discovering what am I really passionate about. Right now, there is no specific theme or topic that I always write in this blog. I have posts which range from my personal thoughts to reviews to technology.

So thats it about my blog.

If you are still curious to know more about me, then please feel free to browse through my personal and professional profiles.

You can contact me at mohasin-dot-zaki-at-gmail-dot-com

Okay. You can STOP HERE. Below is some boring stuff you might want to read if you really jobless :).

Okay, as you wish.

All my blogs in blogger get mirrored on to my wordpress blog . Now you must be wondering why I am mirroring (or rather taking a backup of) my blogs. Well, its a long story. But since you are jobless right now, I going to tell you about it.

When I first started to blog, was my preferred blogging platform. Some time back, Government of India blocked all the domains for security reasons and than forced me to move to I was so happy with wordpress and it was wonderful platform for blogging. But again disaster struck and was blocked this time and it was due to my company firewall. From my office, I usually write the blog title/topic (when something comes to my mind) and I save it as draft so that I can later expand on that. Now that was no longer possible with wordpress being blocked from my office network. By this time, Government of India again opened up access to domain and this was accessible from within my company's network. So there I go and I again switched from wordpress to blogger. But disasters keep happening again and again. Over the past few days, domain was also blocked by my company because there was this blog which was spreading negative news about my organization and the management felt that it was having a negative influence on employees and so they ended up blocking the whole domain. Really smart.. aren't they (I am being sarcastic).

I have some old post in my wordpress blog. Feel free to visit this blog site as well.

Monday, October 2, 2006

Professional Profile


Contact: mohasin-dot-zaki-at-gmail-dot-com

8+ Years experience in Software Development. Expert in Embedded and Telecom Domains. Designation: Senior Project Manager. Role: Project Manager.

Current Job:

My Strengths:

  • Problem Solving: Interesting problems have always been my driver for motivation.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Building a rapport and long-term and mutually beneficial relationships (especially with my business clients) is what I have always strive to achieve and have been successful to a great extent.
  • Communication Skills: If you been reading my blogs (or at least this page) and if you are not sure what you are reading here then I am probably wrong in claiming communication skills as one of my strengths.
  • Embedded Domain Expertise: Having worked throughout my career on various embedded products spanning to security web cam to storage devices to set top boxes has given me the unique domain expertise in architecting, designing and implementing embedded system projects with a great level of comfort.
  • Project Management Professional: I am a PMP. This brings a unique perspective to managing technical projects with a project management angle.

My Beliefs and Values:

  • Best possible solution comes from all of us. I have always trusted Brainstorming and has always fetched me the best results. If you take decisions without brainstorming/consulting others in a group, then you are missing out the unique opportunity to utilize a wonderful resource that is available for free - their mind, thoughts and ideas.
  • Each one of us is unique and each has her/his unique interest. Finding out what one likes and giving them the right kind of work definitely yields high productivity.
  • Dare to dream and encourage people who do that. Personally believe that great products and services are created because people dared to dream something big and went about achieving it like crazy.
  • Speed of Execution otherwise known as Time to Market is very critical for the sucess of the product. Daring to dream is one part.. speed of execution is what makes a product or service a success.

My Secret Passions:

  • You already know about one of passions if you are reading this post. Yep, I love blogging and writing a lot. What do i write - Well.. there is no specific theme or topic but I usually love reviewing other web sites or applications and most of my post are about technology. Feel free to read to through my personal blogs at Xprezzions and Smart Mobile Life.
  • To become a Linux Kernel Hacker/Developer. This is still under way. Though I hardly find time to move towards this goal, my mind and body always think about it. Currently, what I intend to do is to start with understand GRUB and then later on move in Linux Kernel.
  • I would like to specialize as an expert in mobile computing in the years to come. I strongly believe in the fact that Mobile Computing is the next happening thing after computers. Mobile phones/computing devices are going to be a important part of a persons life and most of the software and businesses are going to revolve around this platform. In order to capture this trend in mobile computing, I have started this blog called Smart Mobile Life. Its still in its infant stage and I intend to make it big in the coming years.

My Technical Experience:

  • Have a total of 8+ years of experience working on system-side programming. Comfortable in designing RTOS-based Embedded Systems products in consumer, storage, network and video products.
  • Have 3+ years of experience in end-to-end design and development of Digital Set Top Box.
  • Have 1.5 years of experience in writing drivers for a L2 Network Switch.
  • Have 2 years of experience in SAN (Storage Area Network) and Storage Virtualization.
  • Have 9 months of experience developing software components of a web-based security camera.
  • Have 1 year of experience developing windows device drivers for fault-tolerant storage disk arrays and network interface cards.
How does my experience benefit an organization ?

Having worked on diverse domains and different products has given me an unique versatile experience. It enables me to combine the best of all the domains/industries to come up with solutions/services which are innovative and smart.

Please refer my classical resume for experience summary.

[Last Updated: February 10th, 2008]