Saturday, October 7, 2006

About Me

Hi There!! My name is Mohasin and hope you enjoyed reading my blog. You probably ended up here either because you liked my blog or you did not. Either ways leave a word in the comments below.

So what do I blog about... Well, when I started this blog I had no theme or topic in mind. I thought let my thoughts decide what I really want to write. I am still in this journey of discovering what am I really passionate about. Right now, there is no specific theme or topic that I always write in this blog. I have posts which range from my personal thoughts to reviews to technology.

So thats it about my blog.

If you are still curious to know more about me, then please feel free to browse through my personal and professional profiles.

You can contact me at mohasin-dot-zaki-at-gmail-dot-com

Okay. You can STOP HERE. Below is some boring stuff you might want to read if you really jobless :).

Okay, as you wish.

All my blogs in blogger get mirrored on to my wordpress blog . Now you must be wondering why I am mirroring (or rather taking a backup of) my blogs. Well, its a long story. But since you are jobless right now, I going to tell you about it.

When I first started to blog, was my preferred blogging platform. Some time back, Government of India blocked all the domains for security reasons and than forced me to move to I was so happy with wordpress and it was wonderful platform for blogging. But again disaster struck and was blocked this time and it was due to my company firewall. From my office, I usually write the blog title/topic (when something comes to my mind) and I save it as draft so that I can later expand on that. Now that was no longer possible with wordpress being blocked from my office network. By this time, Government of India again opened up access to domain and this was accessible from within my company's network. So there I go and I again switched from wordpress to blogger. But disasters keep happening again and again. Over the past few days, domain was also blocked by my company because there was this blog which was spreading negative news about my organization and the management felt that it was having a negative influence on employees and so they ended up blocking the whole domain. Really smart.. aren't they (I am being sarcastic).

I have some old post in my wordpress blog. Feel free to visit this blog site as well.

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