Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good reviews are painful to write

I just posted a review about Opera Mini on Digitally Smart. Though I enjoyed writing this review very much, I also have to say, writing good reviews is a long process.

It took me close to 3 days to first take screenshots of Opera Mini, then uploading them on to blogger, then writing a review and placing the uploaded photos at relevant places. Given the fact that I hardly have time left are hectic hours at office and very little time that I spend with my kid, I usually wait till Nazia and Ahu to sleep so that I can carry on writing reviews.

Hope I get more time to post more meaningful reviews and information at Digitally Smart.


Daniel Goldman said...

Here's a little tip for taking screenshots of Opera Mini, use the Opera Mini simulator

Mohasin said...

Thanks Daniel, for the Tip. But wanted to have some fun taking screenshots from my mobile.