Friday, September 21, 2007

Got an interesting tip on taking screencast in Linux

David in his web page on Firefox leaks screencast explains ( at the bottom of this page) on how he had created screencast using pyvnc2swf on his Fedora 7 machine. I ran into David's web page by following links from Jesse Ruderman's article on Firefox memory leaks and memory usage.

I don't have the time to try this method of creating screencast. Need to try this out when I find time.

Below information is taken from David's web page:

I installed pyvnc2swf on my Fedora 7 machine. I also needed to install pygame and tkinter RPMs for this to work. I also installed audacity (from Fedora) and lame-libs (from Livna).

Then I made the screencasts in four steps:
1. Connected with vncviewer to the machine I was debugging on (in this case, an ssh tunnel from localhost:5900)
2. /usr/local/pyvnc2swf-0.9.3/pyvnc2swf/ -o leak6-raw.swf -S "arecord -r 22050 leak6-raw.wav" localhost:0
3. Use audacity to convert the WAV to MP3 (File → Open; File → Export As → MP3)
4. /usr/local/pyvnc2swf-0.9.3/pyvnc2swf/ -a leak6-raw.mp3 -l -K 500 -S 1.0s -o leak6.swf leak6-raw.swf

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