Saturday, September 22, 2007

Inspiring articles on turning blogging into a full time career

All good things are realized late by me (at least on the WWW). There was this recent phase in my life (past 2-3 years) when I was kind of disconnected from the latest happenings in the world wide web. I guess my work was taking its toll and also I was very choosy in what I wanted to browse in the web.

But off late, I've been trying to consciously keep myself updated and I've been reading a lot on what kind of new web services and success stories have spawned in the web world.

And one of my recent discoveries in Technorati. I never had an clue as to how useful this web site was with respect to aggregating the top blogs in the world wide web. Yes, believe it or not, I did not visit Technorati until last week. I knew about this website.. in the sense I knew this name was quite famous and had something to do with aggregation of content. But for some reason I hated web sites starting "tech". I had some kind of phobia for the word tech and had shunned sites that started with word tech. That's the reason why I haven't visited other famous websites like Techcrunch (I haven't even till now :). Only recently I visited Techcrunch40 but not its parent site - Techcrunch).

I guess I've deviated from what I really wanted to say. Coming back to the topic, I was browsing the popular blogs at technorati and found to be one of the top ones. I was specifically interested in this one because the theme of the blog was about making money through blogging.

That was my recent effort when I started Digitally Smart. Would not suggest you to click on the previous link as I am kind of feeling embarrassed. I started Digitally Smart with an intention of making a career out of blogging. I wanted to keep Digitally Smart simple and so I started this at blogger rather than choosing to host my own server or use a custom domain name. But I haven't been really successful. Till now, I have written only 4 posts (inclusive of an About page). I have lots of ideas on what i want to post in Digitally Smart and I have saved those topics in my drafts. But I am never really getting the time to expand on those topics. I guess "not getting time" is just an excuse. The bigger problem I have is that I am still trying to figure out as to should I start an other blog apart from this one (wondering if I should stay loyal to this one blog and focus all my energy in here). But again I am wondering if I can use this blog for earning any kind of income. That's because this blog is very personal and I blog not just about technology but about everything under the sun.. so would it be appropriate to have sponsors and ads in this blog.

Again coming back to, the guest columns are very good and give some nice tips of blogging and how to make it into a career. While following some links I came across this article from Read/Write Web's Richard MacManus where he reflects on what it took for him to make his hobby (blogging of course) to into a full time career. A very inspiring article. In the very same article Richard refers us to an other similar article (on what it takes to make a career out of blogging) about TechCrunch's Michael Arrington which is inspiring as well.

Well, the moral of both their stories is that it takes lot of hard work, patience, perseverance and being passionate about what you are blogging, in order to make a successful career out of blogging.

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