Friday, September 21, 2007

Insight on Firefox development

I found this blog on Firefox memory usage and memory leak news from Jesse Ruderman ( I picked up this article from techmeme) very interesting.

You would have to be a software developer to really understand and appreciate this blog. I have always wondered how open source projects are being developed and coordinated in spite of not having a proper team structure and people being spread across geographies. This post gave me a good insight on what is happening in the firefox developer community especially with respect to the memory leaks and memory usage.

The reader comments for this article are also interesting.

Being a bigger fan of open source software I've always wanted contribute (either in terms of development, testing or documentation) towards some opensource project which I was interested in. I am big fan of linux and especially Ubuntu.. I even joined the Ubuntu development forum with the intention of contributing something. But unfortunately, job work pressure has prevented me from contributing anything meaningful  :(.

Hopefully, someday I would like to contribute towards open source community in one way or the other. This article was for some reason inspiring :).

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