Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Trying hard to sleep

Have been trying hard to sleep today, but am still awake. Now, its almost dawn and now that i am feeling sleepy, I am trying hard to keep myself awake :).

I need to be in office by 9.00AM in the morning to ensure that my tickets to Virginia are booked. I am going on a business visit there today evening. Should be back to Irving on Sunday.

I had a late dinner yesterday. Had been to my colleagues room last night to prepare and eat the dinner. Since I am bad at cooking, I usually join him and help him out with the dinner preparation. The dinner was a feast. We had parathas (Indian bread), egg omelet, grilled chicken and some curry (cannot name it though :).. was invention on the fly).

Then I also had to get my clothes washed at the laundry in the ground floor. All my clothes were used up and had to get them washed for my Virginia trip. Also, I had to press them and have them ready for my trip today.

I've been trying to sleep ever since but no luck :(. Thats when I thought why not blog something. Well, there is nothing interesting in this post. Just some self-talk. I was hesitant to write my personal thoughts. I've always been in a dilemma as to whether or not to mix up my personal thoughts in this blog. I have a reason for that dilemma. I would like to explain more about that, but for now I am stopping here. I will come back and update this post later today.

I am back again. Its 1.12PM now and I am waiting in the lobby for my cab. Happy that my booking for air and hotel for my Virginia trip are confirmed. Well, coming back to the dilemma, I always was not sure if it would be a good idea to mix up my personal and technical postings in my blog. I tried creating a personal blog as well where i thought I would post my personal thoughts. But it din't really help.. I was lazy to update 2 different blogs and I was unable to differentiate between a blog which is personal and blog that i would like others to see (for its news or technical nature). But thats fine. I decided to put all my thoughts in one single place and label/tag them accordingly. Okay, got to rush back to work now..

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