Monday, March 12, 2007

Tale of my two blogs - Blogger and Wordpress

As you would have read the "About me", you would have noticed that i have mentioned a blog mirror ( where all the post that I write here get mirrored on to my other blog in wordpress.

I have been having using this blog in wordpress for quite sometime. Wordpress has been my favorite blog site and I had started blogging actively in wordpress ever since blogspot was blocked by Indian government(temporarily for few weeks - its okay now) sometime last year. I had no other option other than search for someother blog site where i can continue blogging. So I started comparing features of different blog sites and I found wordpress to be more appealing. Wordpress had some features which blogspot didn't have at that point of time. For example, you could not label/categorize the posts in the older version of blogspot, but wordpress allowed the same. Why, even now, wordpress allows you to import post from other blog sites. I could not find such a feature in blogspot currently.

Though i was happy blogging in wordpress, I again had a problem which irritated me a lot. The wordpress blogs were blocked from the company firewall. It was a big deal for me because I could not save my thoughts during my office hours.

Now thats when I again thought of an idea (using the import feature in wordpress). Blogspot was not blocked in the company firewall. So that gave me an idea. I will again start blogging in blogspot and frequently import those blogs into wordpress. The import feature in wordpress works intelligently. It imports only those blogs which were not imported previously.

This way, I have been retaining my wordpress blog. Wirting the blogs in blogspot and then importing them in wordpress :).

I see that in the newer version of, lot of features have been added and I am beginning to like blogspot as well. I just wish that folks at Google could add a feature to import blogs from wordpress. That way, when I make a change in wordpress blog, I could import those changes in blogspot. That would allow me to keep both my blogs (blogspot and wordpress) in sync.

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