Sunday, March 11, 2007

Having problem synchronizing time on Windows XP? - Day Light Savings

As you know, the day light savings for 2007 has started in US. The DST starts on 2nd Sunday of March 2007 and then ends on 1st Sunday of November 2007.

For most of us using Windows XP, the time should automatically adjust as per the daylight savings (provided you have selected the option "Automatically apply daylight savings" in your clock).

As for me, for some wierd reason, the daylight savings were not being applied automatically inspite of checking the "Automatically apply daylight savings" option in the clock.

I tried everything from ensuring that the Windows time service is running to trying out every knowledge base article on MSDN. But nothing helped.

Then finally, I hit upon this particular page in MSDN which gave somekind of a hotfix for fixing time sync issues. Refer to the below link and download the hotfix (required OS validation).

The above link gives a hotfix for Windows XP 32bit edition. The hotfix is also available for other flavors of Windows. Refer to the below link for the same.

After having applied this fix, the time got synced up automatically. Though it synced up automatically, I am still not sure if it would sync up again if the DST changes.

Those of you who know me, you must be wondering how come I am worried about daylight savings as it does not apply for India, we'll I am on a business trip to US :).

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