Sunday, December 2, 2007

Want to setup MythTV in India!!

Then you can get some gyaan (knowledge) from these series of post mentioned below in Ramki's blog.

To summarize quickly as to what Ramki has done till now with respect to MythTV is that, he has installed an Intex TV capture card on his PC and installed Mythbuntu as the second operating system. After this he has recompiled the kernel and drivers to make TvTime work with his Intex card. He has also tried generating xmltv file which is the program information file for MythTv. Right now, he is able to feed in the channel frequency numbers directly into MythTV and is able to watch and pause the programs. Next, as he says in his post is to make his MythTV point to the xmltv files that he has generated.

I personally have lot of questions on what he has done. I need to ask him this when I meet him.

But keep watching his blog where he intends to give more updates on his progress with installing MythTV.


For those who don't know what MythTV is.. it is a software which runs on Linux and which turns your PC into a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) where you can record programs in your PCs and watch them at your convenience. You can also pause Live TV and watch it again whenever you want to. This is the"better" alternative for Microsoft's Windows Media Center Edition of their Operating System.

PS: Ramki is a Delivery Head for the Fios TV team in Verizon India and he is my boss as well :)

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