Sunday, December 9, 2007

Verizon Team Lunch Photos - Nov 28, 2007

Happy and proud to post the photos of my team.

Some of best engineers I've ever worked with.. :)

All Standing - Left to Right : Subha Viswanathan, Sankarnarayanan Sivanu, Vimal Raj, Ravikumar Thangavel, Sundar Moses, Saleem Mohammed, Vijay Senthil, Vinodkrishnan Surianarayanan, Arjun Baskaran, Padmakumar Rajan, Prabhu Mohan, Kiran Patibandla, Ramana Jeyaraman, Arunachala Karthik, FS
Sitting : Thats me - Mohasin

You can view the complete album by clicking below.

Verizon Team Lunch


sanal said...

I missed this treat mohasin :(

Mohasin said...

We missed you man. I was thinking of you when I was typing out those names in this post.

But no worries, we should make it for another team lunch when you in Chennai sometime soon :).