Thursday, August 23, 2007

Letter to Palm and Palm CEO's response

I saw this beautiful letter from Engadget to Palm. If you had read it, you would understand how detailed and truthful this letter is. Basically, this letter cribs about Palm's losing market in smart phones and what Palm can do to improve it.

I have been fascinated by Palm PDA's ever since I was a child. They were real innovators and as the letter describes (to which I agree completely), they seem to be losing out on innovation.

I love Palm and really wished that the top management at Palm really read this letter and act on it immediately.

Thankfully enough, the CEO of Palm, Ed Colligan, acknowledged this letter and has promised that they would act on each of the recommendations that were given.

I love companies (and its CEOs) that respect and respond to comments/feedback from the outside world.

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