Sunday, December 26, 2010

Flirting with Python.. Sorry Perl!

Off late, I've started flirting with Python while my conscience still pricks me while i love Perl.

With this guilt, i did Google for others trying out Py after a long span of perl programming. Two popular post on python vs. perl were of some solace for my flirtatious behavior - Why Python? by Eric Raymond and Python vs. the Perl programming language.

Quick check of the TIOBE index also indicates that Python is more popular than Perl. Some more solace ;).

So far, not much of even light coding done in Python. Just been going through some tutorials in I directly started with 3.1 version.

I will really know if i like Python or not when i try out a small script for a coding standards compliance tool that's been in my list of to-dos.

Otherwise, feeling good to blog after a long time..

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