Monday, April 28, 2008

Yippee!! I am a PMP

I am glad to tell you that I am a Project Management Institute certified Project Management Professional(R) (PMP) ;)

After more 2 months of hard work (especially the past week has been a gruelling experience), I finally had the confidence to face the exam today.

Personally I felt that the exam was tough. So I was a bit upset half way through the exam. Upset more so because I never had time to review all my answers. I took the exam for the whole 4 hours without a break. But the end result was that I had cleared it.

The exam preparation and test experience has been very good. The exam questions ensure that you truly deserved to be called a PMP (;)). More than the certification, the knowledge I gained is invaluable.

So look out for my changed signature :)

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Anonymous said...

congratulations!!!..a small step for a manager,a giant leap in the perspective of project & program management.