Saturday, March 8, 2008 is down - Affects loading of blogger/blogspot

For some reason,, the famous social bookmarking web site has been down today. I don't know how long it has been that way, but I noticed that for some reason, my blog's home page was not loading completely and the status bar was showing "Waiting for".

I have two embedded scripts - one for sharing my bookmarks and other to let know what my user name is. Only after removing both these scripts did my blog page load completely.

What surprises me is that why should my blog page and its rest of the elements not load just because one or two of the embedded scripts are unable to load/fetch data from a 3rd party web site. Why can google maintain these embedded scripts as AJAX-enabled widget boxes so that if some script doesn't load, it doesn't prevent rest of the web page from loading.

I had moved all my bookmarks to some time back from Google Bookmarks for obvious reasons. Now, I am worried about my bookmarks in Why is no one complaining about this anywhere and why is yahoo taking so long to fix the problem?? I am totally clueless :(.

Update 1:
Just as i was posting the above post, my bookmarks got loaded after much difficulty. But the site is still damn slow and doesn't load for most of the time.

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