Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally buying a laptop - HP Pavilion DV6707US

I am finally buying a laptop after thinking a lot. I was not sure if I really needed a laptop. But I have a reason to get a laptop now. Nazia needs a laptop so that she can complete her pending office work (when it is there) either her parent's home or mine. So, primarily its going to be used by my wife.

I think this laptop is really good in terms of hardware configuration and features. Most of all.. very good value for money.

You can find more about this laptop in HP's product site.

Initially, I was planning to get a HCL Leaptop which is far less in terms of hardware configuration (only 1GB RAM and really bulky). And for which I would have to shell out approximately INR 35,000/- (US$ 875).

But HP Pavilion DV6707US is far better configuration and I would get it for US$729 (from Circuit City) or for US$755 (if I get it directly from HP).

My friend Sankar Dhanapal would be getting it for me today noon and Shafiq (who is my ED) will bring for me next week.

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