Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Congratulations to Vz Wireless customers in US !!

Verizon Wireless has announced "Any Apps, Any Device" option for its customers starting 2008.

Finally, the wireless industry in USA seems to be maturing. Here in India, you could use any handset that you have bought in a mobile phone store with any wireless service provider.

It really gives the customers the freedom of choice. She/He can choose between a huge array of phones from the cheapest one with call and SMS only option to the most advanced phone like Nokia N95.

I always used to pity the sad state of wireless customers in US, where they have to buy the phone as a part of the wireless package. The user has a very limited choice. But I guess folks in US are pretty much used to it and never really care about the choice-factor.

But believe me, it makes a great difference in having this freedom. People will come to realize and appreciate this freedom that Verizon Wireless is about to offer.

This really a great moment for Wireless industry in US and also to the millions of wireless customers.

Its a matter of time and soon At&t and others will follow.

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