Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pathetic situation of ICFAI Exam Centre

Today I had to take my MBA group B exams at ICFAI exam center CHENNAI-VI (which is the ICFAI National College at ADJ Complex, Annanagar (West), Mogappai east, Chennai, TamilNadu, India).

I had two papers on economics - one in the morning (10AM-1PM) and the other in the evening (2PM-5PM).

It had been a long time since I joined ICFAI (almost 2 years) and I am still writing my first semester exams. Never had time to either prepare or take these exams before due to my work pressure. But I was determined to take these exams this time at least and clear my first semester. I had total of 3 subjects to take this time (Financial Accounting, Economics and Management). I could not take Financial Accounting last week.. as usual never could prepare for that.

But I was confident about Economics. After I reached this exam center (CHENNAI-VI) , I could never find a parking space. The parking space for cars was occupied by bikes and all the cars were parked in the pathway of the IN and OUT gates. There was no one to organize the parking at all. I had no other option (and was feeling guilty) but to leave my car in the OUT gate pathway thus preventing any car from exiting out.

Then once I reached the examination hall, I found that most of the chairs were of the type where the writing pad is attached (supposed to) to the chair. But to my dismay I found that the pad/plank of wood on most of the chairs was detached. You had to sit in the chair and then have this pad in your lap. Man.. this was really uncomfortable.. because of the fact that the pad keeps shaking and slipping from my laps.

I am kind of furious.. and what surprises me is the fact that an MBA exam center is in such a bad shape. People who take these exams are future MBA degree holders. Forget that.. but I expected a lot from ICFAI as a university. It was disappointing to see exam center being so disorganized and infrastructure so bad.

I never complained about the chair in the morning session. But I could not keep quite for the afternoon session. So when I asked for a better chair and table, to the examiner, he promised me to get it replaced as soon as he is done with the question paper distribution.

But the guy never turned up till the last moment :(.

Also, I don't understand how all the students can sit so comfortably with such faulty chairs and take their exams. Why were they not opening their mouth?

Hope, the top guys at ICFAI take notice of this and ensure that exam centers are well organized and comfortable.

When the whole world is moving towards computer-aided tests (CAT) .. I am not sure why ICFAI is still sticking to the paper method. CAT would be well suited for ICFAI exams because you only have multiple choice questions. Why can't you provide a nice cozy air-conditioned room where I can take a computer-aided-test for all my exams. Moving to CAT will certainly avoid lot of paper work for you guys as well.

Guess I am asking for too much.. forget CAT for now.. please make the exam halls comfortable.. that would be more than enough.

Unfortunately, I cannot change my exam center now. I have no choice but to take the next 2 exams at this center (CHENNAI-VI) next Sunday as well.

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