Friday, June 1, 2007

Blogging after many hectic days

Life has been hectic for the past few days travelling to one of the vendors' office on a daily basis to work on their product. So many thoughts have passed by my mind that I had wanted to blog.

Most interesting happennings in recently are that I have sold my old car and have a new one :), got my self a nice business phone (Nokia E61) and my parents have got a new car for themselves. Of course some bad events have also passed over me in the past few weeks which I do not wish elaborate.

On the professional front I've just got lot of people reporting to me at office
and our product has gone into production. The whole team is feeling so proud and excited about the fact that we've made it to production.

I have so much to write on each of above stuff. Hoping to blog as and when I find time.

Btw, this blog is from my new mobile phone :).

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