Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Google Personalized Home Page branded as iGoogle

Hmm.. Interesting to see that Google has decided to brand its personalized home page offering as iGoogle.

The need for branding definitely shows the kind of traffic that has starting using the personalized web page feature. I personally use the personalized home page feature for all my needs and it has the following web-based widgets or gadgets in it - gtalk, bookmarks, timezone, clock, to-do, calendar, news feeds, etc.. The list of tools goes on and on in my personalized home page.. ahhmm i mean iGoogle :).

All that is fine.. but why are corporates obsessed with appending the letter "i" before one of their established brand names (iMac, iPhone, iTv and now iGoogle). Guys at google.. you are innovative and why do you want to lose out on the naming front :(.

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